Our monthly Best MLB picks package is a full month of our MLB selections. You will receive 3-6 selections per day.

We do offer money management advice for all of our clients, however with the monthly and season packages we offer to work with you personally to ensure that you are investing the proper way to maximize profits.  If you follow our selections “only” along with the strategy we work out for you, then there is no reason you should not make a profit & return on investment by the end of the month.

Our current clients understand the advantage of being with us for a full month which is the fact that they never miss out on those games that come along every so often where the line makers completely get it wrong. So if you are ready to take the step to get serious about investing on MLB picks, sign up for the monthly package and watch it not only pay for itself, but build your bankroll up for your future.

Get ready to experience what a month of sports investing on Major League Baseball is all about and enjoy the profits you will make just like we do as professional MLB handicappers.

Guaranteed Profit or Get another 30 days Free.

MLB Monthly Package
MLB Monthly Package

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