Handicapping Baseball

With so many different games on the board each day one might wonder where to start? Keep it simple, always pay attention to these key things when handicapping baseball.

  • Starting Pitcher
  • Bullpens Handicapping Baseball picks
  • winning streaks
  • past 5 games
  • rivalries
  • home/away
  • power rankings
  • defense

These are important factors when comparing teams and deciding who has the edge. It is a huge mistake to simply look at the lines each day and make your decision on that alone. While handicapping baseball we always use extensive research with our MLB database and then decide what the line should really be for any given matchup. Then we will filter out the games that have the highest probability of winning and evaluate the following:

  • bullpen rest
  • how a team performs after a loss or win Our Baseball Handicapping Strategy Wins
  • managers history
  • umpires behind the plate
  • whip
  • gidp
  • division games

After handicapping baseball games we make our selections and send out our MLB picks to our clients. The part that we take pride in is informing our clients early enough to get the best value to ensure maximum returns on each MLB pick. We will inform you whether you should go ahead and invest as soon as possible, or wait until later because of a late line move that we anticipate. This type of research handicapping baseball will take the average sports bettor hours to break down in depth the way we do. This is one of the reasons we are not afraid to put the word “Best” in our company name. When there is a spot on the board we have found from handicapping baseball games to take advantage of we will not miss it. So you can feel confident that you are getting what you deserve from our team day in and day out. There is never, and we mean never, a selection that we do not have included in our personal investments.

Honesty and integrity are not just words to us. Whether it is our business or personal lives, there is no other way to represent ourselves then to do what we say we will and never forget how we got here. This is not something that we just woke up and decided to do one day; we care about our clients and want them to have a chance to enjoy betting on baseball or handicapping baseball and what it feels like to win on a consistent basis. To hear our clients telling us thank you because they were able to go on the vacation they have always wanted too or that their spouse is actually happy they spend so much time watching sports now is something we take to heart and reminds us why we share our expertise with you at Best MLB Handicappers.

Best MLB Handicappers