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Best MLB Handicappers provides MLB picks & MLB betting information to A-List clients around the world. Shane Roberts is our lead Expert MLB Handicapper. Shane has spent the last 15 years providing top off-shore syndicates & clients from Canada, United States, Mexico, Europe, South America, Asia & Australia with MLB betting strategies & MLB picks. Then he opened up Bestmlbhandicappers.com 5 years ago with two goals in mind. Maintain current A-list clients, more commonly known as High-Rollers and/or a Whale. The 2nd goal was to create an opportunity for the everyday MLB bettor who would most likely never be able to afford access to the kind of service & information that the A-list clients can afford with ease.

Best MLB Handicappers consists of a hand picked group of MLB experts that Shane has assembled together. Our clients say we have the best value in the industry because every pick is given after the group handicaps it together and Shane has the final say if deadlocked on a top pick. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining long lasting relationships with our clients and partners. In the day and age we are in today there are numerous choices to choose from on the internet. What makes us different is the kind of service we provide. We will guide you 100% to a profitable season with our top picks and establishing your own investment strategy that fits your situation. We specialize in making profits with the least amount of risk involved. Money Management is the second most important factor that determines whether you make a profit or not. We will teach you how to keep yourself from giving away profits that you earned.

What makes us different?

What makes us different from the rest of the baseball handicappers out there is we started out the same way that 99% of most of you have started. And what we learned was that there is much more to it than just glancing over a few stats or match-up tools when handicapping baseball. So now that we have spent all these years putting together the databases and being able to sort out what is important and what can be left to the side, we are able to share our success with all of you. Now is the time for you to take this to the next level and start building up your bankroll. Baseball is extremely profitable and we can literally help a $50 per unit player profit over 12k by the end of the season if you give us the chance. It will take discipline and patience on your part. Remember, we are not those so called handicapping services that sound more like marketing specialists that try and get you to believe that there is a 50 star game of the year going off. Hopefully most of you are smart enough not to fall for that non-sense. Instead, we will show you how to make your profits by investing on our MLB picks and follow the proven strategy we provide at Best MLB Handicappers. Our clients appreciate the value they receive by getting only top consensus picks, and all of the money they save. Our clients receive the picks each day and know that they can place their wager immediately without having to handicap the games. This saves them hundreds of dollars per year because they no longer need to subscribe to betting spreadsheets or live odds software for MLB. Should you have any questions  Contact Us .

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